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What will this project cost?

The budget remains in development, but early architectural estimates indicate a range of $3.5 million- $4 million. After we complete our capital campaign, we will have a better idea of what we can afford and will revise our plans accordingly.

What will the interior of Cathedral Commons look like?

For over a year, the Building Task Force has worked to evaluate our needs and develop floor plans with our architect. Now our work intensifies. Our goal is to remain true to our motto: Historic Church. Fresh Ideas. We hope to share drawings with everyone in February.

Why are you moving Gardner Hall (our banquet hall) to the street level?

Our banquet hall is one of the most active spaces in the building but the hardest to access! Moving it to the main level will allow it to benefit from improved accessibility, an easy location and natural lighting. We hope to make it as widely-used as possible.

Parts of the Parish House are falling apart. Do we intend to fix all of it?

Yes. This renovation includes new, energy-efficient windows and an update of all mechanical systems, including plumbing and electrical.

How will we use the first floor gallery space?

The new first floor gallery will be used for a variety of rotating displays featuring items from our museum collection, as well as occasional displays from local artists. 

I have mobility issues. How will the building accommodate me?

The new interior will be much more accessible! A new elevator at the west entrance of the main floor will eliminate stairs. New ramps will make it easier to navigate the building. Restrooms on all three floors will be handicap accessible with grab bars, larger stalls and wider doorways making it easier to move through with a walker or wheelchair.

What is a capital campaign?

A capital campaign is an extraordinary fundraising effort, used to raise a significant amount of money and accomplish a large goal. Gifts or pledges to capital campaigns are commitments beyond annual giving. Our annual pledging at Trinity Cathedral keeps the lights on and supports our programming, but there is no surplus to undertake such a large project.

When will you ask me to give?

The process begins in January with leadership visiting individual families and foundations in hopes of securing leadership gifts to the campaign. The public phase kicks-off Sunday, Feb. 10 with an invitation to all parishioners to join in support. The active fundraising effort will end Sunday, March 3.

What should I give?

A capital campaign gift is a donation above and beyond your normal annual support. We will ask you to consider a specific gift based on our needs, but only you know what you can give. We hope you pray about your gift and discern what a meaningful pledge is to you.

How can I give?

However you want! For practical reasons, we ask that families consider making a one-time gift or a pledge to the project that can be payable over three years. Everyone gives differently. Some options are:

 · Cash or online giving with regular payments monthly, quarterly or annually over three years. You can also delay the start of payments.

· Gifts of stocks and bonds.

· Disbursement from a retirement or IRA account, including direct giving through minimum required distributions (MRDs).

· Gifts of real estate or other property.

· Gifts of life insurance or planned gifts through trusts and wills.

 How do I find out more?

Watch our weekly e-newsletter, Cathedral Matters, and bulletin for more information in coming weeks. Visit our campaign webpage at or our Facebook page. We’ll mail another letter in February with project updates and a request for support.