Yale Park Refugee Family Sponsorship

Trinity Cathedral, working with the local organization Restoring Dignity, has sponsored a refugee family that was displaced from the Yale Park apartments last month. We need your help supplying this family with almost everything they have lost. If you would like to contribute, you can either write a check to Trinity Cathedral to help us pay for the larger items we will need to purchase (include "refugee family" in the memo line), or you can donate specific smaller items that are needed.

A full list of needed items is available below. We would like to collect as many items as possible in the next two weeks. Smaller items can be placed in the bins in the bell tower room. Please contact Gail Krenzer at gailkrenzer@gmail.com for more information. 

List of Needs for Family #22

(Mom, dad, 23 y/o boy, 19 y/o girl, 18 y/o girl, 15 y/o girl, 12 y/o girl, 1 y/o baby boy


3 twin box springs (already have mattress)

3 twin bed bug covers (for box spring)

3 twin size bed frames

3 twin size sheet sets

3 twin size comforters (1 for boy, 2 for girls)

1 full size boxspring (already have mattress)

1 full size bed frame

2 full size bed bug protectors (for box spring and for futon mattress)

2 full size set of sheets

2 full size comforters

3 night stands

3 table lamps

2 dressers

16 new pillows

16 pillow cases

1 crib (with mattress and crib sheets)


Living room:

Futon with mattress (mom and dad sleep in the living room and are currently sleeping on the floor)

Coffee table

Table lamp

2- Floor lamps

Dining room table (large size - they have a small one but it only sits 3 people and they have 8 people in their family)

Chairs (4 or 5)

Computer/homework desk

Computer chair


Pots and pans (some Asian style- can purchase at Asian markets)





Kitchen utensils

Tupperware (various sizes)

Large, airtight rice storage container (with lid)

Aluminum foil

Saran wrap

Plastic storage bags (quart size, gallon size)

Cutting board

Kitchen towels

Electric rice cooker (big size)

Tea pot

Microwave (would like a larger one - the one they have is so small a normal plate can barely fit in it)

Kitchen rug

Shelving unit for kitchen (There is hardly any storage space in this kitchen)




Baby shampoo


Baby soap


Shower curtain

Toothbrushes (7 adult, 1 baby)


Baby toothpaste

Hair brush

First aid kit

Bath rug



Toilet paper

Paper towels

Feminine hygiene products (no tampons)

Laundry detergent

Garbage bags (kitchen size)

Diapers: size 4

Diaper wipes

Wall calendar



Broom with dust pan

Mop and bucket

All purpose cleaner

Cleaning scrub brush

Toilet bowl brush

Alarm clock

Batteries (AA & AAA)

Toys for 1 year old

Books for 1 year old

School supplies: notebooks, 2 bookbags, pens, pencils, markers


All family members need NEW socks and NEW underwear (no used), winter coats, gloves, scarves, hats (new or gently used):

Dad: size men’s large, snow boots size 10 Wide

Mom: size women’s medium, snow boots size 4

23 y/o male: men’s size medium, snow boots 7.5

19 y/o female: women’s size small, snow boots size 5

18 y/o female: women’s size medium, snow boots size 5

15 y/o male: men’s size small, only wants socks

12 y/o female: women’s size small, snow boots size 6

1 y/o boy: 2T boys warm winter clothes, shoe size 4 babies size

Wish List:

Warm blankets

Pictures and decorations for the walls