We've been downtown for a while now.


The community of Trinity has been worshipping in downtown Omaha since the city’s earliest days. Founded in 1856 by Nebraska’s first settlers, Trinity came through a financial crash, a building fire, and the struggles of the frontier before moving into a beautiful building on the corner of 18th and Capitol in 1883. We’ve been there ever since, making Trinity Cathedral the oldest church building in Nebraska still in use.

That long legacy has given us a love of beauty and history, which shows up in our architecture, our music, and our worship. It’s also made us committed to serving the physical, spiritual, and social needs of our neighbors as an inclusive, loving community where everyone can find a home.

Despite our long history, we’re also forward-looking. We’re open to new ideas and new ways of being, and we love trying out creative solutions to the challenges we face. In the spirit of our founders, we’re always ready for the next frontier.