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Sunday Women in the Bible Series

Where is Eve when Adam is given that inauspicious command not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? And where is Adam when she later plucks that dangerous fruit? How much power does a matriarch like Rebekah have in her family, over her own fate and those of her children? What are the biblical writers trying to tell us when the future of all Israel turns on the loyalty of a foreign prostitute or the bravery of an unnamed woman in the heat of battle? What do the arguably scandalous women mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew say about his mother and about what sort of savior he will become? Join us Sunday mornings from September 9 through October 7 at 9:30 am in Gardner Hall as we read stories of women in the Bible and try to better understand their place in the social, economic, political, and religious spheres of their day, and as we ask how their stories might, and might not, inform our own.

Sessions will be led by:

  • Melissa Tubbs Loya, PhD in Hebrew Bible (Sept 9, 16, 30, and Oct 7);

  • Becca Stevens, Founder of Thistle Farms (Sept 23)

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