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Built in 1956, our Parish House has served for nearly 60 years as a place where cathedral members of all ages and backgrounds have prayed, learned, sung, celebrated, and mourned together. It’s where we have nourished thousands of our neighbors with a good meal and warm friendship, and where generations of children have been formed in the faith. The Parish House has served us well all these years. However, more recently it has become clear that the interior of the building can no longer adequately serve our needs. Moving from one space to another often feels like navigating a maze of stairways, doors, and narrow hallways. The many entrances to our campus make it nearly impossible to balance hospitality and security. The floor plan often stands in the way of program development, and seriously outdated mechanical and electrical systems pose a growing danger to our historic and beautiful campus. It is time to re-imagine this building to ensure it is a safe, accessible and comfortable place for all.

General Chairs

Mary Kerr

Erin VanZee


Bob Culver
Charlene DeWitt
Alan Fisher
Tom Kerr
Fr. Steven King
Chris Kircher
Merrilee Miller
Sarah Watson

Special Events Chairs

Becky Frerck

Karen Skinner